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December 21, 2010
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It was days since.... Since then I've gotten stronger, wiser, and patient so I never have to relive that day
It was a pleasant summer morning I've grown since and things have changed alot. I was walking down the Punchline road coming home from a busy day of tasks as I opened the door I used to remember when I was a little toon always asking Taressa and Lemon to take me to the VP...
     "Hey!" said a voice from outside the house
In wonder I went outside to see who it was and found a little blue duck by the name of Sally
  "Hi! My name is Sally!" She said with enthusiasm, apperanly she doesn't seem to be very experienced
   "What do you want?" I said with a sigh
  "Can you please help me with a toontask?" She asked politely
  "No! Can't you see I'm busy!?"
  I saw as her sapphire eyes started to tear she said "O- Ok i-I thought that since you were a high toon maybe you could help me" she started to walk away.
Feeling guilty I tried to forget about it but when I remember Taressa's kindness she couldn't help but hate herself, She didn't get much sleep last night.
As the Saturday arrived I woke up to socialize with the other toons in toontown central I found Sally being intensely bullied and just like my sister ONE of the things that pisses me off the most is "bullying" so I went there and said
  "Hey! What the heck is going on!?"
  "Moonlight!" Sally bursted while wiping her tears
  "Why are you bullying sally!?"
  "What's it to you dirtwad!" One of the bullies said obviously not knowing who he is dealing with
  " Leave her alone!!" I roared
  " Make us" they said with a smirk "If you even touch us we will tell our big brothers! :P
  "So your the little brothers of the gang called the big boys huh?" I said with my head slightly down
  " Well tell your brothers that if you mess with Sally or any other toons as long as I am here You are going to suffer pain far worse" I whispered as veins cover my eyes
  " Oh ****! run!" the bullies yelled as they were running away
  " Thank you Moonlight!" Sally said as she hugged me
  " No problem I was sorry for the other day and figured I need to make it up to you"
  " Your the best friend I ever had!"

                                   (TO BE CONTINUED)
Well here is another one for ya this time i tried more grammar so I tried :')
Fun facts
:bulletgreen: The reason why Taressa and Lemon were not in the house was due to traveling to far off places so they had to sleep in hotels of friend's house
:bulletblack: The reason why Moonlight's eyes were havings veins was because that only happens when shes pissed or angry
:bulletred: All the stuff she said about suffering? All crap ^_^ she lied to make them afraid
Deleted Scenes
Sally: Merry me?
Moonlight: *%$@! No you %@$#!!# as %@$#$
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My ERR I MEAN Sally's hero :meow:
ToonTownTaressa Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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