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December 21, 2010
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It was a normal day in toontown and i was getting ready to go to clown class My name is Moonlight i am a young black cat with only 15 laff i have 2 sisters and no parents. The eldest sister is Taressa, Taressa is 45 laff not very high compared to others but with the experience she had she was my hero, She had no boyfriends and always stayed single for my sake I don't know what will i do without her she had long brown hair and brown eyes and beautiful peach fur she was always nice to me and my sister. The second eldest was Lemon, Lemon run a clan called "Lemon Clan". Dispite her looks she isn't all " Mary sue" If you know what i mean ^_^ she ain't afraid of freckleslam since she was supposed to deal with him all the time. Well now that you know everything as i said. It was a normal day as usual in toontown i was getting ready for school i sat at the table with Lemon waiting for Taressa to bring food "Here is your food guys eat up!" Taressa said with a smile, Lemon reading the toon news said "Tar? Why does freckleslam always have to take out the fun in toontown just like the cogs?!" Taressa said with a smirk "Well he must have his reasons, Well let's not talk about that now eat up or you'll be late for your task! Lemon," As we finished our breakfast we set out to our daily routines as i walked down the road without notice i encountered a big cheese! I was scared and tried to use all the gags until i was left with only 1 laff suddenly Lemon pushed me aside leaving the cog to attack her. She didn't have much time until she would die she said " I only have a few minutes left! Go bring help!".

                                                (TO BE CONTINUED)
Thanks to spyderheart i decided to make my own toontown story if you want part 2 just request! ^^

Next: [link]
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Woot finally found time to read this :'D ; I like it very cute. Gotta read the next few afterschool (:
ToonTownTaressa Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's really good! now i'm inspired to go search even harder for that file ^^
ToonTownTaressa Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
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